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BNP Paribas Open – Alexandr Dolgopolov

World No. 23 and rising ATP World Tour star Alexandr Dolgopolov will be blogging throughout the BNP Paribas Open.

Hello everybody. I hope everyone is getting excited about the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells these next two weeks.

This is the first time in my career to play in Indian Wells and I’ve been asked to write a blog for the tournament website. I thought it would be a fun way to spend some time here in between practicing and my matches.

As I said before, this is my first time playing in this tournament, but it is not the first time I’ve been to Indian Wells. When I was younger, I came here with my father when he was coaching Andrei Medvedev.

Andrei was a very good player and was as high as four in the world. He also got to the finals of the French Open in 1999.

I’ve already been here in Indian Wells for almost ten days preparing for the tournament. I played in Acapulco a couple of weeks ago and got to the semifinals where I lost to David Ferrer of Spain in three sets.

After I finished playing in Acapulco on clay, I realized it would be too much to fly all the way back to Europe and then back to the United States, so I decided to come to California early.

I took a couple of days off when I got to Indian Wells and rested up. It felt good to catch up on some sleep in my hotel. After my days off, I started practicing again for the tournament here.

The one thing I remember about this tournament is that it was always a very well run event. Since I got here, everyone has been so nice and the venue looks great.

The weather has been good and it’s a bit cooler here than it was in Acapulco. I’ve already gotten used to the conditions. Indian Wells is very relaxing and it’s a good place to play a tournament like this. There aren’t that many distractions and it really helps me to concentrate on tennis.

I’m playing fine right now and I’m happy with the way my game is progressing.  I’ve been working on different tactics and getting more physically fit, which has helped me in long matches.  I had a good win against Robin Soderling at the Australian Open that has given me more confidence playing against the top players.

Someone asked me the other day what my goals were. I told them that my long-term goal was to be number one, but my short-term goal was to get into the Top Twenty and stay in the Top Twenty. I’m number 23 in the world right now, so I’m almost there.

When I play in a big tournament like Indian Wells, you never know what will happen. It depends on the draw, because you could get a really tough opponent in the first match. You really need a bit of luck.

I’m going to sign off for now, but I’ll post another entry to my blog soon. Thank you for reading.

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10 Responses to BNP Paribas Open – Alexandr Dolgopolov

  1. TennisBlogCo says:

    Congrats Alex! It was a joy watching you in Acapulco, Best of luck in IW. Looking forward to reading your blog entries!

  2. masgarcia says:

    Hi Alexandr!

    I’m a big fan of yours since your run at London last year and Wimbledon, of course. But your quarterfinals result in Melbourne has made you a star! Everybody in the tennis world knows you now. Your good showing at the Latin swing has also given you incredible results and is now on the brink of showing your best in a 1000 Masters tournament. Good luck and I know if you play well you will you will have a chance to go for the title!

    - your fan from the Philippines

  3. karam kris says:

    Hi Alexandr

    Nice to see your blog for the first time on the Indian wells tour. Congratulations for that.

    I have been listening about you for quite a moment. I like your game very much especially the way you move around the court since I saw couple of matches. Even MR Nick Bolleterri praised you on his blog said that you can be dangerous to any top ranked player in the world.

    I would like to know is year 2011 can make you to prove what experts saying about you and climp up the rankings or still you need to do lot of hard work? I hope you develop your own style of shots as Roger federer added few shots to the tennis dictionary.

    Best of luck

  4. avi_385 says:


    You should call it the ‘Blogopolov.

    • jmsf says:

      Hi, Alexandr!

      I enjoy watching you play and I love your style. I’ve also enjoyed reading about you. This blog is a great idea – it is wonderful that you’ll be sharing your thoughts with us fans.

      Good luck and I hope you’ll achieve your goal of becoming world number one someday!

  5. Angel Post says:

    Wassup, Dog?! :)
    In other words, Welcome to California! Wishing you nothing but the best at Indian Wells!

    First heard of you when you became the buzz (at World No. 131), defeating Aussie up-and-comer Tomic in straights @ Brisbane 2010. They sent a special camera crew out to your court to witness that newsworthy event!

    Blew my mind the first time I saw you serve @ Monte Carlo (you were ranked no. 72 at the time) vs. Benneteau. I literally jumped in my chair and exclaimed, “What was that?!?!” … thinking they had speeded up the footage … except it was live in real time!

    By the time you made “Hot Shot” of the day with your deadly dropper vs. Seppi and cooled off the sizzling Rafa at Madrid, you were already World No. 62, and multilingual commentators were practicing your name!

    Next, I saw you (at World No. 56) dispatch the firey forehand of Gonzo in straights on the Grand Slam Terre Battue!

    The day you had match point against Jo-Willy on Grand Slam Grass, the commentator (I think it was Peter Fleming–himself observing you for the first time) described you as “creative … he tries shots most players don’t even think of”!

    Onward and upward you rose, defeating Petzschner and Youzhny in Toronto, Blake in New Haven, Baghdatis in Beijing, Almagro in Shanghai, blah, blah, blah, etc., etc.

    By the time 2011 came around, you (at world no. 49) were making Adidas look good as you defeated Soderling, making Grand Slam QF and handing Murray his first lost set of the Aussie Open!

    Fast forward to you in California at the first Masters 1000 of 2011: You’ve gone from world no. 131 to world no. 23 in one year and a couple months, inspiring tennis fans all over the world to look forward to you here now, at Roland Garros, and beyond.

    Keeping it real, I am sincerely, HeatherAnne.

    p.s. Possibly should tell the editors to post your blog in “BNP Paribas Open 2011″ and “Players,” instead of “Unspecified” :) Luv ya. Mean it! :)

  6. val says:

    u will be number 1,u are a new kind of tennis player.

  7. Ilona says:

    Hi Alexandr!

    I’m definitely going to watch your matches again. Although it can be a bit difficult with time:p. I’ve been watching you since Umag last summer, nice tennis style to watch!

    Good luck in Indian Wells!
    Ilona (Holland)

  8. dhdewa says:

    Thanks a lot for writing, Alex. I’m very sure you can be the world number 1. Just go for it, man!

  9. tennisnut says:

    Thanks for writing Alex. Nice to hear the inside view. I enjoy your style of tennis. My wife and I watched the men’s doubles semi’s and final. What a match.
    The mano a mano singles is fun but long and mostly one dimensional these days. Nobody ever goes to net anymore.
    But the doubles, especially with top players, shows more of the variety of strokes, the partner inter-play, and is just plain more fun to watch, especailly for non-players. I hope the new doubles rules encourage more matches like that. Thanks again.

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