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BNP Paribas Open – Alexandr Dolgopolov – Blog No. 2

World No. 23 and rising ATP World Tour star Alexandr Dolgopolov will be blogging throughout the BNP Paribas Open.

Hello everyone and good morning from Indian Wells.

I have a few minutes before I have to leave for my practice.

Everything is going well so far. I’ve been here in Indian Wells for almost 10 days and I’ve gotten into a nice routine and I feel comfortable.

I’ve been waking up every day around 9 a.m. and I eat some of the stuff that I got at the super market for breakfast or I go to the restaurant at my hotel.

The men’s draw came out Tuesday. One of good things about being ranked in the Top 30 is that I get a bye in the first round and don’t have to play until Saturday.

I will play against Victor Hanescu or Andreas Seppi.  They play the second match on Stadium 2 today. I know both of the guys and it should be an interesting match.  If I have a chance, I might stop by and watch a little bit. It’s good to see a few games to see how they’re playing.

When I play the first match of a tournament it is always tough, but I just try and stay relaxed. I don’t really think a lot about the match and instead I focus on playing my best.

You hear players say they never look at the draw, but I actually look it. I’m interested to see who is playing who. I don’t really think about who I could possibly be playing later in the tournament, and just focus on one match at a time.

I’ve been practicing a couple of hours every day since I took a couple of days off. I usually play points with some of the other guys. If I am uncomfortable with part of my game, I’ll practice on that, but right now, everything feels good. The courts here are very good. The surface of the court is not very fast and it is a bit slow, but I actually like it that way.

Most of the time at tournaments I’m just practicing and focusing on my matches, but I have had a chance to see a little bit of Indian Wells. Since I’ve been here, I’ve noticed there are a lot of golf courses, but to tell you the truth, I’m really not into golf like some of the other players.

I have been out to dinner with my coach and friends. One night we went to a steakhouse restaurant. The steak I had was pretty good. On another night, we went to the Italian restaurant at my hotel. I really enjoyed the dinner that night. It was very good.

On Monday it was really windy and there was a lot of dust blowing around, but after that, the weather has been nice and sunny and not too warm. These are perfect conditions to play tennis outdoors and I hope it stays like this the rest of the tournament.

Well, it is time to wrap up my blog entry for today. I’m getting ready to go and practice. I’ll be playing on Saturday. I hope some of you will come out and watch my match.

Good-bye for now.

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6 Responses to BNP Paribas Open – Alexandr Dolgopolov – Blog No. 2

  1. tennischick says:

    Good luck on Saturday. You have a strong game and I think you will have a good tournament here. Bye!

  2. jmsf says:

    Hi, again, Alexandr!

    Who are some of the other guys that you play points with? Do you have any preference or it doesn’t matter?

    I’ll be following your matches on tv and I know people who’ll be at the tournament. I’m sure they’ll cheer for you – and on my behalf as well.

  3. Angel Post says:

    Hi, Alex! :)

    It’s fun to read what you have to say about your impressions and experiences at Indian Wells 2011. Good news that you’ve gotten into a comfortable routine.

    I saw a nice picture of you on the web. Apparently, it was taken by an annonymous fan at one of your IW practices a couple days ago. It shows you lookin good, workin hard in the sun, while your coach kicks back in the shade with a big grin on his face. It’s not copyright protected or anything like that, just posted for public consumption, so I thought you might like to see it …

    Question: I’ve read that you started playing tennis at the age of 3, and I couldn’t help wondering how you feel about that. Do you ever wish you would have waited until later in life? Was it too much like having a job as a toddler?

    Thx for sharing your time with us. I’m looking forward to your next blog and hoping you have fun today, teaming up with the X-man against Tomas and Janko.

    And please tell those organizers to schedule you on one of the show courts on Saturday so that we out here in TV Land can watch you play! :)

    Luv ya!
    Mean it!

  4. dhdewa says:

    Good Luck Alex. It’s great that you’re enjoying yourself in Indian Wells. I hope to see you again in Brisbane next year :-) I also play tennis a couple hours everyday :=)

  5. L WEBER says:

    Dear Alex, You have brought so much renewed interest and joy to me in tennis. Your fan club in the USA seems to be growing daily, and we would all love to watch you play with more coverage on tv, but many times have to depend on live stream. Your skills/talents, creativity, charisma, personality,style–I could go on forever–have made you so enjoyable and entertaining to watch. I LOVE your pony tail too and hope you don’t cut it. I WISH YOU THE BEST OF ALL THINGS GOOD and will be following you as one of your greatest fans. I am not so good at technology and apologize for any errors, but I am from an older generation and not really experienced with computers. You are such a “complete package” and I can’t wait to watch you play at IW.

    Just wanted to let you know that I think you are the greatest!

    Love ya, now and always–Linda

  6. palmsp34 says:

    Dear Alex, I would like to start off about how you are my favorite tennis player! You are awesome and I love your style of play. I am a ball girl for this tournament and have seen you practing and playing matches. I was soo sad when I found out that I wasnt going to get to do your match :( Good luck!!!!!!!!!! p.s. I love your hair! -Morgan

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