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BNP Paribas Open – Alexandr Dolgopolov

Hello again and good morning.

Sometimes when you’re at a tennis tournament, you’re concentrating on practicing and playing matches, so you don’t notice when something changes. That is exactly what happened to me on Sunday.

I woke up early yesterday and I decided to treat myself to the piece of cheesecake I had brought back to the hotel after having dinner the night before at a place called the Cheesecake Factory.  With all of the training and practicing I’ve done in the past couple of weeks, it felt good to have something sweet.

Later in the afternoon, I was supposed to practice at 3 o’clock, so around 1:15 or so, I was getting ready to eat lunch at my hotel when my coach said we get ready to leave to go and practice. I told him it was only 1:15, but he told me that it was 2:15 and this was the weekend time changed.

I forgot we lost an hour and I was supposed to turn my watch back. I don’t remember seeing any reminders telling people to change their clocks. Oh well, that is the way it goes I guess. I went ahead and ate a small lunch and then went to practice.

Today I play Juan Martin del Potro in my second match. We’re going to play the third match on the second stadium.  It’s going to be a tough match for sure. In a tournament like this, all the matches in the third round are very tough. There are no easy matches.

If you want to be the best, you have to play against the top players and win. You can be in the top 50 by playing the smaller tournaments, but if you want to get a higher ranking, you have to beat the top players.

I’ve known Juan Martin for a long time, probably since we 14 years old, playing in the juniors. This is the first time we’re playing each other in a tour event, but I remember we played against each other at a big junior tournament in Florida when I was 16.

He has a big serve and a solid game. His forehand is very good and he likes to attack a lot. He’s an all-around player. If I’m going to have any chance against him, I’m going to have to serve and return well and try to break his rhythm.

The other day a fan asked me how much professional tennis players sleep the night before a match. To tell you the truth, everybody is different. For me, I like to get in between seven and eight hours, but if I get less than that, I’m fine. I don’t like to get more than that, because it affects me in a negative way and I don’t feel well if I get too much sleep.

If you happen to be at the tournament this afternoon, please stop by and watch my match against Juan Martin on the second stadium.  I’m going to end this post for now, but I’ll write another entry soon.

Good-bye for now.

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7 Responses to BNP Paribas Open – Alexandr Dolgopolov

  1. Aleks, have a great match tonite. The blogs are AWESOME…Lots of fun to hear about what/how you are doing etc.. WE have been so bummed that your match against Hanescu was not televised. My dad and I were complaining about why we are stuck watching matches with the top seeds in easy matches that aren’t too much fun to watch. I reminded him that we likely thought the same thing about your match with Soderling until we saw you play;)That was one of the best matches we have seen and we watch tons of tennis!. Have a great match tonite. We are all pulling for ya. I think everything is leading up to a great tournament outcome for you! We would love to see some phone pics added to your Facebook page from Indian Wells and the events etc… Good Luck Tonite!!

  2. L WEBER says:

    Hi Alex, agree 100% with the first comment about being “bummed” regarding the absence of TV coverage of your matches, but we did miss a lot of much more exciting matches other than the focus on Stadium l with the top seeds which was so boring many times. Thought your match with Del Po would have been on Stadium 1 and only got snippets of it on tv. But, watched live stream on four different links as broadcast quality was so poor. But, at least got to watch you play.

    Want to let you know that the commentators on all four broadcasts were so complimentary to you. Remarks were made about how fearless and dangerous an opponent you are, how other players can’t read your game, how your playing is instinctive not pre-planned, complemented your serves, shots, athleticism. My favorite comment was that the stats don’t really apply to your game and that you play like a top 15 player. His colleague replied, absolutely agree!

    That’s how my friends, family and I feel. You know, the area I live in is primarily interested in football, baseball, and but basketball–not so much tennis. BUT, my group will focus on tennis if they can watch you. I, myself, watch a lot of tennis, and also agree with comment #1 that you give us so much fun and play some of the best, most enjoyable ball in today’s game. As far as scores, win or lose, you’re still a winner to us, and remember, the season s just getting started. Hope for more of your matches to be televised.

    Your blogs are awesome – find it remarkable that you have time to do it. Also, very impressed with your fluency in English.

    Glad you had a piece of cheese cake–you deserve much more–like the whole cake! Try their Italian lemon someday. I think one of the cheesecake factory’s main quarters is in Columbus, Ohio–so, we’re VERY familiar with their quality and variety.

    We’re behind you all the way. Good luck today–tough “luck of the draw”. Will watch again on live stream if not televised. All the best in the future. Know you’ll keep moving in the right direction. Can’t wait for clay court to begin. GO ALEX! Love, Your Ohio Fans.

  3. Angel Post says:

    Dear Alex,
    Tuff loss Sunday, hard for us your fans to take, but you really made that a fun match to watch. It looked like there was standing room only there in Stadium 2, so obviously word got around, and your match was very well attended, not a seat to be had after the first set. I think you broke him both times he was serving for the set, right?

    Best of luck in your dubs match with Xman today! :)

    That’s too bad that nobody at your hotel alerted people to the DST time change Saturday night/Sunday morning. I’m surprised the atp tour didnt either, but for some reason theyre apparently not aware of daylight savings time in the various countries … tho they certainly should be after all being an international organization.

    Are you planning to play Miami? We’d love to see you there! Again, thanks for sharing! Beat those Bryan Bros! Luv ya! Mean it!

  4. Brantford says:

    Hi Alex,
    I love to watch you play. Hoping that you and your coach are thinking of tough game plans that will counteract the monster hitters such as Del Potro!

    You CAN DO IT!! Please don’t be too nervous when you play and slow down when serving and think about what you’re going to do! You are the BEST!

    Best of luck in doubles.

  5. L WEBER says:

    TO LISA GOTTESMAN–tried to email you using your link posted here. Couldn’t get through, so sent emails from my own service. Please let me know if you received, and GO ALEX AND X!–LINDA

  6. avi8ter says:

    Alex, i got to watch your match courtside. First time i’ve got to watch you play, you’re a class act. I really liked all the different spin you are able to put on the ball.The four let serves in a row was great, the crowd was with you wanting a fifth.Good luck, hope to get to see you play next year.

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